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Today I would like to talk about a new brand that has recently approached the babywearing market: Monami Slings.

I would like to talk about this new brand because I have had the great chance to test the Tulipannah Red ring sling for some days and I am pleasantly satisfied with it.

Monami Slings is a Polish company that has recently begun to produce medium-high quality limited edition slings.
Monami Slings produces, in fact, very few pieces of every sling because it aims at a very exclusive final product.

The slings are made of high selected spuns , Oeko Tex Standard 100 tested and certified. Their manufacturing process includes modern machinery and qualified operators and complies with labour legal standards. These factors surely affect both product quality and final price.

As I was saying before, I have taken part in the Italian tester tour and I have tested the Tulipannah Red ring sling, 100% combed cotton, 270 g/m2 surface weight.

The sling has arrived packed in a silver box and wrapped in a grey velvet bag together with a small present for every tester: an infusion to enjoy and a sentence to thank. A small surprise that really pleased me!

The Tulipannah Red pattern is made of a very gaudy red tulips sequence on a chocolate background; easy but really nice!

I think that the contrast between dark background and red flowers and the double face combination of the fabric convey a very particular effect.

This pattern has been specifically designed for the company. Monami Slings describes it proudly and underlines that “red tulips are a symbol of perfect and beautiful love“.

The rings‘ dimension fits to easily work the fabric; they are lacquered black and perfectly match the sling pattern.
I have found this sling thick and solid, but also really embracing, soft and easy to wrap.

Unfortunately, I could test it just with my demonstration dolls, but I think that it is a sling for everybody despite the medium-high surface weight.

To me, the only negative side of this experience, was the initial phase of the tester tour’s organisation because of a not always prompt and effective communication. The inconvenience was probably due to the fact that this was the first Italian tour , but I am confident and I think there are wide ranges of change especially thanks to the willingly and positive owner.

I surely reccommend this brand to those who are looking for a new and exclusive product.

I would like to thank Agnieszka Szlęzak and Monami Slings for the great chance  


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